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Bondy, A. & Frost, L. (1998). The picture exchange communication system.

Seminars in Speech and Language, 19, 373–389.
Abstract: The Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) was developed as a means to teach children with autism and related developmental disabilities a rapidly acquired, self‐initiating, functional communication system. Its theoretical roots combine principles from applied behavior analysis and guidelines established within the field of alternative and augmentative communication. Erfahren Sie mehr

Bondy, A., Tincani, M. & Frost, L. (2004). Multiply controlled verbal operants: An analysis and extension to the Picture Exchange Communication System.

The Behavior Analyst, 27,247‐261.
Abstract: This paper presents Skinner’s (1957) analysis of verbal behavior as a framework for understanding language acquisition in children with autism. We describe Skinner’s analysis of pure and impure verbal operants, and illustrate how this analysis may be applied to designing communication training programs. Erfahren Sie mehr

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