Montanari, S., Vandromme, L. & Perot, JM. (2015).

Perspective Psychology, Jul/Sep.,  1-9. (France).
Abstract: Introduction Among the interventions focused on the communication for the autistic children, the Picture Exchange Communication System seems to lack the support of numerous institutions and speech therapists although few fundamental studies and case studies really show its efficiency. Within the framework of the introduction of the Picture Exchange Communication System in a day hospital in Picardy, we were able to follow the implementation of this method.

Objective: We wished to study the contributions of this new method on the skills in communication of five autistic children. Method: We estimated the skills in communication of these five children thanks to the M Guidetti and C Tourette’s Early Social Communication Scale and to the Schopler’s Childhood Autism Rating Scale at six months interval.  Results: Our results show progress for five children as regards the level of Picture Exchange Communication System. Besides, we note a preservation or a progress in the results in the early Social Communication Scale for five children. The observed progress concerns three domains of the seule (social interaction, joint attention and regulation of the behavior).

Conclusion: This preliminary study could be widened in a research on several day hospitals and pursued over time to evaluate if the use of the Picture Exchange Communication System indeed has a long-term interest for the children.

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